Out and About

‘Out and About’ is our Key Stage 3 outdoor learning offer. All Key Stage 3 students from The Orchard Centre have access to weekly sessions where they have the opportunity to participate in activities ranging from fire lighting and camp craft to knife work and basic woodland management.

Sessions follow the 6 Forest School principles:

Long term process: all students have access to a double lesson every week, throughout Key Stage 3.

Natural environment: we are lucky to have access to a 2.5 acre mixed woodland on the campus site.

Holistic development: as well as skills development, sessions are focussed on developing student’s confidence, social skills and emotional awareness.

Supported risk: students are encouraged and supported to take appropriate risks to develop both their confidence and their ability to risk-assess situations.

Qualified practitioners: sessions are led by a qualified teacher and Forest School leader and supported at a high staff to learner ratio.

Learner-centred: sessions are planned beforehand but are adapted as they occur to respond to learners emerging interests and needs.

During the 2017-2018 academic year our sessions were based on this site. During 2018-19, as well as further developing our own site, we are looking to provide opportunities for our students to explore their local area and build link with their local community.

Opportunities for progression:

The skills and knowledge gained during Key Stage 3 will set students in good stead to undertake their Duke of Edinburgh award in Key Stage 4.