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The aim of all Maths learning and teaching at The Orchard Centre is to ensure that all of the students we teach are able to gain the highest level of qualification that they can during their time with us.

Students who attend the Orchard PRU all arrive with an individual set of circumstances and an individual ‘journey’ as far as their Maths education is concerned. From the outset it is important that these individual circumstances do not have a lasting impact on the Mathematical development of any student. Sometimes there are personal barriers to overcome and sometimes a lack of continuity or a complete break in education may have led to deficits in their learning.

It therefore becomes very important to find the level of functioning of every student so that an appropriate, interesting and challenging curriculum can be put into place. This may mean providing work at Level 1 of the National Curriculum, right through to Grade A* on the GCSE Higher Maths Paper.

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Courses Offered and Examinations Taken

All of the courses offered and course materials used closely follow those used in mainstream schools. It is important for us to mirror what is taught in mainstream schools as closely as possible so that any student moving from The Orchard Centre back to mainstream does not lose any time, experience, or methodology which could set their progress back before they start.

As students gradually increase their time in mainstream, their whole learning experience at The Orchard Centre can revolve around their mainstream work. If a student remains with us for a longer period of time, we will ensure that their learning is monitored and progress is made ready to take similar external exams to those that they would have taken in mainstream.


Key Stage 4 Curriculum


The Key Stage 4 programme of study builds on what has been learnt in Key Stage 3. It is assumed that all of the topics learnt during Years 7, 8 and 9 will have been studied to a reasonable level, levels 4-6, and these will be built on in Years 10 and 11. At the higher grade levels of C, B, A and A* new topics will need to be learnt and many of the KS3 areas of study will have more depth of understanding built in to the work.

Some of these higher level topics include harder Area and Volume including Total Surface Area, Ratio and Proportion, Inequalities, Quadratic and Simultaneous Equations, Standard Form, Trigonometry, Circle Theory, Algebraic Fractions, and Vectors.


Examination Courses and Levels of Entry

In Mathematics we provide courses that run from the most accessible entry level, Entry Level 1, to the highest level course we offer, which is GCSE Higher with the Edexcel exam board.

These are the courses on offer from the most accessible to the hardest;

  • Entry Level 1 Numeracy
  • Entry Level 2 Numeracydata
  • Entry Level 3  Numeracy
  • Level 1 Numeracy
  • Level 1 Statistical Methods
  • Full GCSE Foundation course in Mathematics
  • Full GCSE Higher course in Mathematics

By providing a range of courses at different levels, we are ensuring that not only does every student have the opportunity to take and pass a Maths course, but that they can also carry on achieving higher qualifications given time and effective teaching.