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English Teaching at The Orchard Centre aims to “promote high standards of Language and Literacy by equipping students with a strong command of the spoken and written language and to develop their love of literature through widespread reading for enjoyment.” (Gov.uk English programmes of study, 14.05.2014).





As many of our students transfer to the Centre late in a Key Stage, or, alternatively, because they are taught at more than one establishment, the delivery of the curriculum may be subject to change in order to accommodate the particular needs of individual students.


Key Stage 4 Curriculum


Year 10

  • 20th century literature reading and creative prose writing
  • 19th and 21st century Non-Fiction reading and transactional/persuasive writing
  • Post-1914 prose/drama
  • Reading 19th century prose and unseen poetry
  • Spoken language study: presentations and speeches.
  • Independent reading and class readings of texts
  • Discrete lessons to develop functional English, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening


Year 11

  • Reading 19th century prose.
  • Shakespeare.
  • Unseen poetry.
  • Spoken language study: presentations and speeches.
  • Independent reading and class reading of texts.
  • Discrete lessons to develop functional English skills, ie Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.



GCSE English Language Components and Weightings 

Component 1:

Section A (20%) Reading 20th Century Literature.

Section B (20%) Creative Prose Writing.


Component 2:

Section A (30%) Reading 19th and 21st Century Non-Fiction.

Section B (30%) Transactional/Persuasive Writing.


Component 3: (Required element but unweighted.)

One presentation/speech, including responses to questions and feedback.


GCSE English Literature Components and Weightings

Component 1:

Section A (20%) Shakespeare

Section B (20%) Poetry from 1789 to the present day.


Component 2:

Section A (20%) Post-1914 Prose/Drama

Section B (20%) 19th Century Prose

Section C (20%) Unseen Poetry from 20th/21st Century.


Levels of Entry


  • All students are entered for Functional Skills Examinations at appropriate levels.
  • Most students are entered for GCSE English Language and English Literature.